Award-Winning Video Production Process


Award-winning Productions

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Step 1

Concept Development

After a kick-off meeting, we engage with your team and contributors for primary research, understanding experiences and challenges. We then outline a proposed creative direction for the film. This includes visual aesthetics, storytelling techniques, and innovative elements that distinguish your film

Step 2


We meticulously coordinate for a successful film. This includes logistics such as casting actors, creating detailed call sheets, undertaking risk assessments, ensuring correct insurances, completing release forms, and engaging with all legal compliances. Creatively, we scout locations, storyboard shots, and brief the cast and crew to ensure that everyone is aligned

Step 3


Filming takes place, with the director guiding the process for each scene. The holistic effort of the cast and crew captures authentic performances, stunning visuals, and high-quality audio

Step 4


Editing begins and we collaborate closely with your team, ensuring alignment on content for diverse platforms. We use a specialised online platform for easy and efficient feedback. Post-production includes colour grading, sound design, and securing music licenses for compliances

Step 5


The final film and other pre-agreed assets are delivered through a secure online link, and you receive tailored versions for different platforms. We ensure compliance with all music licenses and provide versions with and without subtitles, along with .srt files for integration.