Film Production: Gambling Harms Online Commercial

Production completes on an impactful commercial

We’re excited to announce the completion of our latest project for a gambling harms charity, a meaningful project that spanned 16 weeks. This project has allowed us to explore the often untold real-life experiences of those affected by gambling to create an impactful film.

We began the project with extensive research, engaging directly with individuals who have lived experience with gambling harms. Their stories provided a realistic and relatable foundation for our narrative. Collaborating closely with the charity, we developed a powerful story that integrated our research in an engaging and impactful way. The aim was to change the language used around gambling and spark meaningful conversations about gambling harms.

Our creative process included developing industry-standard scripts and detailed storyboards. We conducted thorough location recces, ensuring every location would enhance the story’s authenticity. Partnering with our talented Director of Photography and an experienced Production Designer, we achieved a cinematic and realistic aesthetic that we’re incredibly proud of.

The film shoot itself took three days, across multiple locations. Our extensive cast and dedicated crew of 30 people worked tirelessly to bring the story to life. Their hard work and passion were evident in every scene.

Once filming wrapped, we moved into post-production, where we edited the project into several formats suitable for online platforms, including websites and social media. This versatility ensures the film can reach a broad audience, maximising its impact.

This project highlights our commitment to using storytelling to address critical social issues. We’re incredibly proud to support the important work of the gambling harms charity and believe this film will make a real difference.