Delivering a Pitching Lab.​

Press Record Films help LMA students gain real-world experience

Press Record Films recently helped deliver a pitching session to aid third year LMA (Liverpool Media Academy) students in gaining crucial industry insights. The education session was designed to provide students with practical experience in pitching their creative ideas to potential clients or investors in the industry. With the help of Press Record Films, the session was a huge success, with students getting hands-on experience in developing and presenting their ideas effectively.

The pitching session was part of LMA’s efforts to provide crucial practical learning opportunities to their students, preparing them for real-world industry challenges. Press Record Films provided industry advice to the students, giving them feedback on their pitches, guiding them in developing their ideas, and polishing their presentation skills. The company’s experience in producing high-quality films helped students understand the industry’s nuances, the practicalities of producing a film, and how to position their ideas to attract investors or clients.

The session was a great opportunity for students to gain insights into the industry’s dynamics and learn how to make their ideas stand out in a competitive market. The session was a testament to the importance of practical learning and the impact it can have on students’ future careers. We hope that we can continue to give new-to-industry creatives,  invaluable insights and experience to succeed in the industry.